The Perception Sport Pescador 12 Angler Kayak Review

Perception Sport Pescador 12 Angler Kayak

Kayak Description

The Perception Sport Pescador 12 angler kayak is a sit-on-top that is quite stable, paddles easily and is fitted with unique fishing features that come in quite handy immediately you hit the water. It has an adaptable hull design that is suitable for tracking on the lake and also allow for easy maneuvering on rivers. The cockpit opening is quite large and provides enough room for you to effectively use your tackle while providing easy access and exit.

Unique attributes

– Paddle parks that help to temporarily hold the paddles as you do something else.

– Tank well that comes with a bungee cord used as an additional storage gear space.

– A flash mount conveniently positioned at the stern and functions as a rod holder.

– Padded seats that allow you to comfortably stay in the water for long hours.

Type of kayaking

This particular type of kayak is suitable for various types of kayaking which include whitewater and recreational kayaking. The reason for this is because of its hull design that is extremely versatile thereby allowing it to move across rivers quite easily and improved tracking when it comes to lakes. Recreational kayaking can involve fishing and what a good way to go about it by using this kayak that has unique fishing features.


The Pescador 12 is one of the best choices for beginners since it can be maneuvered effortlessly and does not require for one to be an expert before they can enjoy themselves on water. It is manufactured by confluence water sports a company known for producing high quality kayaks.


Best UseFishing
Hull ConstructionRoto-Molde
Length12 ft
Width28 inches
Weight64 lbs
Seat TypeSit On Top
Number of Paddlers1
Capacity350 pounds
Best Suited ForBeginners

Our View

We find the Perception Sport Pescador 12 Angler Kayak perfect for all fishing kayak beginners. The long hull design makes it easy to maneuver and whilst this kayak may not have all the advanced ¬†features other fishing kayaks come equipped with, it certainly doesn’t lack the punch to have a great time combining two great sports of fishing and kayaking.

The price of the Perception Sport Pescador 12  is also relatively competitive compared to other kayaks on the market, hence making it a truly great kayak for any beginner.

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