Perception Sport Pescador 10 Kayak Review

Kayak Description

The Perception Sport Pescador 10 Kayak is an awesome sit-on-top suitable for ponds, lakes, fishing and surf. This kayak is 10 inches in length and can easily be transported and is also quite stable for larger individuals. It is considered as a high performance kayak.

Unique attributes:

– Comfort seating system with a modifiable back support.

– Foot-wells that are molded-in and which allow you to change positions as you paddle.

– 2 Dry seals to be used as hatch covers.

– Cup holder that effectively holds a bottle or can inside a coolie

– Bow hatch which provides additional storage space for all your gear.

– Karrier handles that provide easy hauling out and into the water.

– Its polyethylene Rotomolded construction makes it highly durable.

– A flash mount holder for the rod conveniently placed at the stern.

Type of kayaking

It is suitable for recreational kayaking especially when it involves fishing as well as touring kayaking for individuals looking to go around creeks for purposes of enjoying scenic views. It is also suitable for paddling in whitewater.


It is a good choice and suitable for individuals who have never paddled or beginners, intermediate as well as the professionals with years of experience. Its numerous features also give it increased performance. Confluence Watersports, the company that manufactures this kayak have been known to produce the best types of kayaks.


Best UseSea
Hull ConstructionRoto-Molde
Length10 ft.
Width29 inches
Weight52 pounds
Seat TypePadded / foam
Number of Paddlers1
Capacity325 pounds

Our View

When it comes to price, this kayak comes in at mid entry level. It is perfect for beginners and advanced paddlers alike. It’s great that this Kayak is suited for recreational use as it means that it is perfect for white water as well as the sea.

So would we recommend it? Yes. Considering the various aspects and uses it is certainly right up there. It’s important to take into account previous customer ratings before making any decision, and the The Perception Sport Pescador received an average score of 4.80 out of 5 which is fantastic!

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