The Perception Sport Conduit 9.5 Kayak Review


Kayak Description

The Perception Sport Conduit 9.5 kayak is a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts. It has an exceptional design which enables it to soar through water, give it exceptional tracking, acceleration and speed as a result of its length. It has enough leg room and a modifiable seat system thereby making your ride a comfortable one.

Unique attributes

– Comfortable seat with a padded backrest that can be adjusted to different heights.

– Carrier handles used for support as you get in and out of the water.

– Keepers brace foot system that helps to hold your feet in position while paddling.

– Additional rigging on the kayak deck to conveniently secure any items.

– Thigh pads for maximum comfort and maneuverability.

– Made from high quality light weight material which is quite durable.

Type of kayaking

Its speed and length make it an exceptional choice for recreational and touring kayaking. As an enthusiast, this will allow you to enjoy long duration on the water while out fishing or touring around creeks for the thrill seekers. The extra storage space and various features present on this kayak will give you an unforgettable experience each time you go out on the water.


The skill levels of paddlers vary depending on their experience and it is therefore necessary for beginners to select a kayak that is easy to operate. A good choice for beginners is the Conduit 9.5 since it is quite stable with good performance. Confluence water sport, the company behind the production of this particular design of kayak are experts in this field with over 40 years of existence.


Best UseSea
Hull ConstructionRoto-Molde
Length9.5 ft
Width2.4 ft
Weight39 lbs
Seat TypeSit In
Number of Paddlers1
Capacity250 lbs
Best Suited ForBeginners and Intermediate

Our View

Although this is one of the smallest Kayaks on the market, it is perfect for all beginners and even intermediate paddlers. Made for touring at sea, the Perception Sport Conduit  9.5 has exceptional acceleration and speed for it’s size. The cost of the kayak is also another plus as it comes in at a relatively low price angle compared to other kayaks on the market.

So would we recommend it? In short yes. This kayak is perfect for all beginners out there that are after a relatively small sized kayak to learn the ropes of paddling. If touring is what you are after then this kayak is for you. If however you are an advanced paddler, then perhaps there are other options that may be better suited. But for a beginner this is probably one of the best kayaks you could buy.

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