The Ocean Kayak Torque Review

 Ocean Kayak Torque

Kayak Description

As a water sport, kayaking is becoming more popular by the day as more and more people are going into the water for fishing and various other activities. This has led to the production of more advanced models such as the Ocean kayak Torque Motorized Fishing kayak.

Ocean kayak, the company behind the production of the Torque Motorized kayak has made it stand-out from a good number of models by fitting a motor into this particular model. This motor is removable and can easily be replaced with a Skeg for more versatility.

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Features of the Ocean Torque Motorized Kayak.

1. Trolling Motor
– Detachable saltwater motor which can be replaced with a Skeg for paddling.

– Unlimited speed control which enables you reach and maintain the most suitable speed for trolling.

– Quiet motor with no irritating noise.

– Has a reverse feature which enables you easily move out of tight corners.

2. Fitted rudder
– Allows for better turning when using controlled foot pedals.

3. Comfort seat
– This has been fitted with a padded back for additional comfort.

4. Paddle holder
– Its main function is for holding and storing the paddles.

5. Central hutch
– This is an area set aside for battery storage.

6. Foot pegs
– Provide additional comfort.

– Offer excellent tracking when paddling or using the electrical motor.

7. Cup-holder
– This is molded-in and is capable of securely holding a cup or bottle containing some refreshments.

8. Bow hatch
– Has been fitted with a cross lock which allows for easy access into the hatch.

– It also acts as a water proof cap.

9. Carrying handles
– These are mounted on either side of the kayak and on the deck.

As a fishing kayak, the Torque motorized kayak has ample storage space as well as leg room. This helps to increase the comfort levels as you spend time in the water fishing or kayaking. The additional changeable motor also gives you the opportunity to relax and rest from paddling as you sit back and enjoy some great moments.

The swiftness, design and high performance capability has made this kayak a popular choice for a large number of people. With its capability, the Torque motorized fishing kayak can comfortably go through different water conditions ranging from salty to fresh water lakes.

The control system offers excellent levels of thrust power which is managed through a drive speed knob positioned within the cockpit area. For that extra utility, the motor has been mounted within the tank-well and is easily reachable. This motor can also be assembled or taken apart without using any tools.

When compared to different kayak models such as the Venus 10 which is specifically designed for women who are small or medium built while the Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak is suitable for both men and women of different sizes.

The design of the Torque Motorized kayak only allows for one to control it in a sitting position. This is different from the Ocean Kayak Nalu which has been designed to allow for a paddler to comfortably paddle even from a standing position.

In order for you to know the full capabilities of any kayak model, one is required to know more about its Pros and Cons. This will help give you a good idea of its capabilities. Some of the Pros and Cons of the Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak include:


– Extremely stable.

– It is light in weight with a sleek design for good control and precision.

– Highly maneuverable even in not so favorable weather conditions.

– Adequate deck space for more leg room with increased comfort levels.

– The presence of the motor allows you to go for greater distances without being concerned about paddling your way back.


– Has a large battery which is rather heavy thereby making this kayak not so portable.

– It is rather costly.


Best UseSea
Hull ConstructionRoto-molded
Weight71lbs (86lbs motorised)
Seat TypeSit on Top
Number of Paddlers1

Our View

Kayaking is a good source of entertainment. In order to make this experience even better it is important to make use of the right kayak with excellent capability.

The Ocean Kayak Torque Motorized Fishing Kayak is one such kayak with exceptional features, stability and is quite easy to maneuver. With this model, you have the option of switching between an electrical motor and paddling. This will enable you travel longer distances as you make use of this motorized kayak.

However as this kayak is one of the most sophisticated kayaks produced, it is priced at the very premium end of the market and thus will no doubt be too expensive for most people. This is a serious Kayak for serious paddling enthusiasts.

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