The Ocean Kayak Banzai Review

 Ocean Kayak Banzai

Kayak Description

Enjoying those thrilling moments on the water is no longer just for the adults but also for children as well. This has been made possible with the Ocean Kayak Banzai (also known as the Pink Kayak), a model made specifically for children. The company behind the manufacture of this model is the Ocean kayak.

The Ocean kayak Banzai has a low-profile seat which is kid friendly. The seat design helps to improve on mobility. The Banzai kayak has a tag and tow system which comes in very handy since it can be used by any adult to tow the kids along in case they become too exhausted. This versatile and highly maneuverable kayak is also highly suitable for beginners as they learn how to paddle.


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Unique Features of the Ocean Kayak Banzai

1. Lightweight
– Suitable for kids to handle off and on the water.

2. Contoured seat
– This is extremely comfortable and has been fitted with a resting pad for the back.
– It also protects the child from falling out or the kayak flipping over.

3. Low profile deck
– Having a low deck combined with smooth lines makes it easy for kids to paddle even with their shorter arms.

4. Tag along and tow system.
– This enables you to tow your child whenever necessary.

5. Cup-holder
– This has been molded in and holds any items containing refreshments while out kayaking.

6. Side handles
– These are positioned on either side of the kayak and are used to move the kayak from one place to another.

7. Carrying handles
– These are used to carry and securely hold the bow and stern.

8. Skid plate
– It helps to protect the bottom part of the kayak when it comes into contact with the ground.



Other than the above mentioned features, there is so much more to be said about the kayak Banzai. Every aspect of this kayak has been designed and set-up to allow for easy paddling. The performance of this sit-on-top kayak is no different from various other kayaks. However, its sleek design and small stature has made it highly suitable for kids and small sized individuals. It also allows the kids to control and turn it with minimal effort while out kayaking.

The Ocean kayak Banzai is quite easy to handle and operate mainly due to the fact that it is light in weight. This is a bit different with other models that may need advanced paddlers with skillful hands due to the fact that they may require more precision to maneuver them. A good example of the latter is the Wave-sport Ethos 10.

The more information you find out about a product, the better it is for you as it helps you know more about its strength and weaknesses. The same applies to the kayak Banzai and seen below are some of its Pros and Cons.



Great performance and maneuverability.

– It is light in weight and therefore highly portable.

– Suitable for different water conditions.

– Fitted with a tag and bow system which comes in quite handy when an individual gets too exhausted to paddle.

– It is not costly.

– Quite stable and comfortable.

– Consists of a hull for good tracking even in hard paddling.



– Has limited storage space.

– Design restricted to small sized individuals and kids with shorter arms.



Best UseSea
Hull ConstructionRoto-molded
Seat TypeSit on Top
Number of Paddlers1

Our View

The Ocean Banzai is a stable and easy to control Kayak. This makes it a good choice for beginners and kids who are just learning how to paddle and gain the right kayaking skills. It is also very well priced coming in at a fraction of the price of some of the more advanced Kayaks on the market.

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