The Ocean Kayak 8-Feet Yak Board Review

Ocean Kayak 8.0 Feet Yak Board

Kayak Description

The Ocean kayak 8.0 Yak board is a sit-on-top type of kayak that is quite stable and enables you to get into and exit the kayak quite easily while on water or at the shore. It is made of relatively thick polyethylene a material that is long lasting and rather flexible. Its hull design has a lengthy keel on its mid-section that allows it to track straight as you paddle.

Unique attributes

– Foot braces and a spacious seat that is molded-in for maximum comfort.

– A cup holder that is molded-in for purposes of holding bottles and cans.

– Gear strap at the back of the deck to firmly secure your essentials.

– A stern keel that has been molded and functions as a durable fin that holds onto the wave.

– Foot wells that enable you to quickly adjust the foot with ease regardless of the size of the paddler.

– Back and front toggle handles.

– Carry handles that have been molded-in on the sides.

Type of kayaking

The 8.0 Yak board kayak manufactured by Johnson Outdoors is the perfect access point into recreational kayaking. It is therefore highly suitable for individuals who are seeking a minimal impact and fun filled experience which can take place in lakes and rivers that move at a slow pace.


This kayak is the perfect choice for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced paddlers. The reason for this is because it can be controlled and steered quite easily on different waves regardless of your experience and skill. Other than the 8.0 Yak board, Ocean Kayak also manufacturers and designs other top-rated products that are used all over the world.


Best UseSea
Length8 ft
Width30 inches
Weight40 lbs
Seat TypeSit On Top
Number of Paddlers1
Capacity225-240 pounds
Best Suited ForBeginners Intermediate & Advanced

Our View

The Ocean Kayak 8.0 Yak Board is a great board for both kids just starting to learn right up to advanced paddlers wanting a real challenge in the middle of the surf. This kayak is perfect for all users which made it an attractive proposition for us. If you’re a family not ready to invest on multiple kayaks, then this is the one you should choose as all members will be able to enjoy the experience this board can provide.

Easier storage than most other larger kayaks and the extremely competitive price allows us to confidently recommend the Ocean Kayak 8.0 Yak Board to any paddling enthusiast.

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