The Dagger Mamba Creeker 8.1 Kayak Review


Kayak Description

The Dagger Mamba Creeker 8.1 kayak is highly trusted by a good number of well-known instructors as well as professional paddlers all across the world due to its unique design that allows for even volume distribution. The profile and rocker breaks are both tested and engineered for high speed and a crisper carving. A sit inside type of kayak with a rounded hull.

Unique attributes

– Hip pads with an adjustable quick release.

– Padded seats with a modifiable back-band for additional comfort.

– An adjustable storage system for the gear.

– Step out wall with reinforcement for additional protection.

– A leg lifter considered as being ergonomic and assists the paddlers to position themselves into the kayak to a suitable comfortable level and security.

– A creak seat which is Roto-molded in a tank design making it significantly stiffer and highly durable thereby increasing its effectiveness when it comes to entrapment prevention.

Type of kayaking

It is highly suitable for whitewater kayaking which is mainly done in rivers and raging white waters. A large number of individuals who do this type of kayaking are in it for the adventure, as a form of exercise and also to enjoy the scenery hence the reason why this kayaking is also suitable for recreational kayaking.


Due to the fact that it is quite stable and can also be edged easily, it makes it highly suitable for beginners who are working towards perfecting their skills, intermediates as well as professionals who would like to push themselves to a different level. Dagger, the company responsible for manufacturing this kayak has always maintained focus when it comes to producing superior products.


Best UseCreek/River
Length8.1 ft
Width27 inches
Weight44 lbs
Seat TypeSit In Padded
Number of Paddlers1
Capacity220 pounds
Best Suited ForIntermediate

Our View

This is a great all round white water kayak for anyone wanting to ride through rivers a creeks. It’s very well made with nearly infinite outfitting adjustments. This was something that really caught our attention. It’s also easy to to roll which we found important when reviewing this particular kayak.

With regards to pricing, it is certainly not a cheap kayak, however if you are serious about paddling in white water, this kayak is perfect and is well worth the money.

The reviews for this kayak have also been very positive. With a  3 year manufacturer warranty included, this gave us confidence in assurance of quality and that is why we recommend this kayak for any serious paddler that wants to improve and raise the bar to another level.

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