What is SUP boarding?

SUP Boarding or Stand up paddle boarding as it’s also known as, is a form of water sport which is relatively new and is fast gaining popularity. It involves standing on a surfboard then thrusting yourself forward with the help of a paddle that is single ended. This form of surfing is also commonly referred to as beach boy.

Choosing the Best SUP Board.

There are various important things one needs to know before purchasing a SUP board and they include;

– Material used

It is important to know the kind of material used to construct the board. The material used should be of high quality in order to ensure that it is strong with a good weight and finishing.

– A paddle which is made up of 100 percent carbon fiber

A good number of sellers usually advertise paddles made of carbon fiber. However, in most cases these paddles are usually not fully made from carbon material but mixed with other materials and in some cases even painted to resemble carbon. This is quite misleading and also has negative effects on the weight, flexibility as well as the toughness of the paddle.

– Suitable size

The most suitable size of a paddle board is dependent on your weight and your skill level. If you are only just starting out then you should go for a board that ways less than the others.

– Storage

Most of these boards are usually large in size and therefore need adequate space. You are therefore required to know where and how the board will be stored. If you are planning to leave it outside or store in your garage, it would not be advisable to purchase a costly paddle-board.

– Price

It is important to know the prices of various paddle-boards before making a selection. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand depending on the board you purchase.


Different types of boards:

– All round

These boards are known to be wider, thicker and much longer. They are highly stable and can be used in flat water as well as small surf.

– Surf style

These are shorter, with more rocker and a rounded rail. They are also easy to maneuver.

– Touring and race

This is known to have less rocker with a hull shape. Their shape enables them to move faster and in a smoother manner through choppy waters.

Styles of stand-up paddle boarding:

– SUP surfing

Paddle boarding originated from surfing. A large number of surfers usually prefer this type of SUP boarding. The reason for this is when using a paddle, surfers are not only able to quickly get to waves and also easily catch them.

– SUP paddling

In as much as SUP boarding is known to have started from surfing, it is mainly practiced as a discipline of paddling. A large number of people are mainly getting into this activity in order to enjoy paddling around. As long as there is a water body such as a river, stream, lake as well as bays, then it is possible to do SUP paddling.

– SUP racing

Just like other sports that have competitions, SUP boarding also has racing competitions. These races usually take place in different areas of the world with surfers making use of boards that are designed mainly for tracking and speed.

– Whitewater SUP

There are specific paddle-boards available to be used on white water rivers. These boards are usually inflatable. Here a surfer stands upright as they go through major rapids.


There are numerous types of SUP boards available. The costs of these boards widely vary depending on the design, model and quality of material used.

Another significant factor that largely contributes to the overall cost of a SUP board is its length. Lengthy boards are usually more costly when compared to the shorter ones.

In as much as cost is important, it is more important to carefully look through different types of boards in order to get one which will suit your needs while giving you optimum performance when out in the water. If you are expected to look around and continue doing so until you get the kind of board that pleases you, then go ahead and do so. You are better off spending some more money in order to get what you need thereby giving you full satisfaction as opposed to going for a cheaper board only to find out about its poor performance later on.

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