A sit on top kayak is usually popular due to the fact that it is less expensive and also user-friendly. These kayaks are designed according to their purpose which can either be fishing or touring. A number of these kayaks are known to be speciality boats, but a large number of them are constructed for different purposes. They are also suitable for beginners.

In order to find the best sit on top kayak for you, several factors must be taken into account. We have outlined the most crucial one’s below. Please read and take these into consideration before making a decision to buy.

Selecting The Best Sit On Top Kayak

Some of the most common factors to consider when selecting the best sit on top kayak depends on the nature of kayaking you are planning to do; this can either be tandem or solo, the type and load volume you intend to bring along with you, storage as well as transportation, and last but not least the cost.

Form of kayaking:

Kayaks with a sit on top are available in a wide variety of designs. Due to this, it is important for you to first determine the form of paddling you are expecting to do. If your plan is to paddle on flat and calm water in some of the rivers and lakes found within your locality then go for a kayak with a medium width as well as length.

Even though lengthy kayaks are considered to be faster, they are also quite difficult to turn. Like the lengthy ones, Kayaks with a narrower form also move faster but are not as stable as the wider ones.

Another important thing to consider is ”rocker”. This is a term used to refer to the turned up amount of the bow and stern. You can easily tell the amount of rocker from one kayak to another by simply viewing the sides. A kayak that has plenty of rocker is usually shaped like a banana and the one with less rocker resembles a straight log.

Enlarged rocker means increased maneuverability and reduced rocker means improved tracking. When it comes to recreational paddling select anything in between.

  • Solo versus tandem

If you intend to have a companion when you go out for the outing and you happen to be interested in sharing a single kayak, then a tandem kayak with a sit on top would make the perfect choice. However, it is also good to have your personal kayak in order to enable you explore different areas without any restrictions from your companion. Even though paddling a tandem (such as the Sevylor Inflatable Sit-on-top kayak) can easily be done by one person, maneuvering it can somewhat become a challenge due to the fact that your sitting position is not at the mid-section of the kayak.

                         Solo                                                                      Tandem

  • Cargo

Recreational kayaking can be made even more enjoyable by bringing along a few comforts from home as you go out for your outing. Some of these would include; refreshments, snacks and comfortable chairs to be used on the shore while taking a break. Therefore before making a decision on the type of sit on top kayak to purchase, think about everything that you would love to take along. However, it is important to note that too much cargo will cause you to slow down considerably.

  • Transportation as well as storage

The most important transportation related issue to be considered when it comes to kayaks is weight. The slight weight difference between various kayaks are usually evident immediately once you get to the water. If you are sure that you will always have an extra hand to assist you move the kayak off and onto the vehicle, then weight will not be an impeding factor when it comes to choice.

Choose the size depending on your available storage room. A large sit on top kayak (for example the 14 footer Malibu Stealth Fish and Dive kayak) will definitely be more difficult to store. You can also opt for an inflatable one if you live in an apartment with minimal storage space.

  • Cost

Due to the fact that these type of kayaks are available in different designs and planned use, the price also varies greatly. Prices for sit on top kayaks can range from as little as $200 to $1000, depending on the quality of  the Kayak.

In as much as cost is usually a major deciding factor for a large number of people, it should always be given less priority when compared to the considerations mentioned above. If the kayak you prefer is not within your budget at the moment, then go for a less costly sit on top.

This can be a good start for you even if it means having to stay within less adventurous waters. You are definitely better off paddling and enjoying some good times. Making the right choice regardless of the price is key and will be a determining factor on whether or not you get to enjoy yourself on your outing.

For further information regarding the best sit on top kayaks to buy or any other type you might be interested in, feel free to browse our kayak reviews guide.