Getting the most suitable or best fishing kayak for you, requires that you do some extensive research and get as much information as you can on various types of kayaks. It is also important to know exactly what you want depending on your needs and requirements. Luckily, we hope to have done the hard part for you, by outlining what you must consider before deciding to buy.

Choosing The Best Fishing Kayak

There are certain considerations that are highly significant when it comes to selecting the best fishing kayaks. The most common ones include; Peddle versus paddle, sit in vs. sit on top, fishing sites and their conditions, cost and last but not least the type and amount of rigging.

Peddle vs. Paddle:

Other than the traditional types of kayaks, there are more contemporary designs of kayaks available. A good example is a kayak which is powered through a pedal. A large number of people usually prefer peddle fishing kayaks since they are less tiresome especially when travelling for long distance. However, depending on your preference you can always opt for a paddle.

Peddle kayaks must have a rudder. This is different from a paddle kayak that does not necessarily need this accessory for steering purposes. The rudder increases the resistance to the water thereby decreasing the overall speed of the peddle kayak.

There are certain times when the pedal system may experience unexpected problems while out on your fishing expedition. It is therefore necessary to always ensure that you carry an extra paddle. Peddle kayaks are also more costly when compared to paddle kayaks used for fishing.

Sit in vs. sit on top:

A large number of kayak anglers usually prefer a sit on top kayak, the reason for this is because these kayaks allow for easy gear access. It also provides enough room for you to easily get out of the kayak and wade whenever necessary.

One disadvantage of this specific type of kayak is the fact that they are known to offer a wet ride. This can be quite dangerous and uncomfortable, more so when the water is cold.

When it comes to kayaks with a sit in, it is important to ensure that you get one with a large cockpit to allow easy access to the gear. However, the additional space around the cockpit will make it more difficult for you to wade whenever you decide to do so.

Fishing site and conditions:

As you make your selection, there are certain important questions you need to ask yourself. Some of these questions include; will the fishing be done in lakes, ponds, ocean, and rivers that move considerably slow? Warm or cold water, will you launch and land through surf? This will allow you to choose a kayak with the right features depending on the trips you are planning to make.

As earlier stated, a sit in kayak is considered to be more comfortable especially in cold water. Some kayaks have more rocker than others. Such kayaks are known to perform well in currents and waves. However, the same does not apply when it comes to tracking especially in calm waters. To some extent, selecting any type of kayak must involve some kind of trade off.

With everything being equal, lengthy kayaks are known to be quite fast when compared to shorter ones. On the other hand, wider kayaks are more stable and are quite suitable for fishing. However, care must be taken when selecting since a kayak that is extremely wide is usually quite slow.


The main feature that differentiates a kayak used for fishing to any other type of kayak is a rigging as well as a holder for the rod. A large number of the fishing kayaks available today are the angler( the rigging is designed to make the accessories more accessible to most of the paddlers) or stock varieties( this allows you to add your personal rigging). The latter is known to be the less costly model.

You can even reduce the overall cost further by working on the rigging yourself while customizing the kayak according to your needs and requirements. It is more advisable to begin with minimal gear and add more stuff that you require over time as opposed to getting all these things on the first day.


When compared to the mentioned considerations, cost is not as important. However, if the kayak of your choice is way over your budget, go for something less costly.

It is always possible for you to do an upgrade much later. Getting into the water and fishing is the most significant thing.

With the right selection, you will get to enjoy your fishing. Your fishing kayak will also enable you undertake all your activities in the best way possible.

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